Neuropsychological Assessments of Adults

Psychological assessments can provide adults important information about new and longstanding cognitive and emotional challenges.  Difficulties with attention, memory, decision making, and emotional regulation are common reasons adults seek evaluations.  I provide comprehensive evaluations that can be used to clarify diagnosis for medical providers and give quantifiable data about current functioning.

What to expect

I will work with you, your family, and/or your health care provider to clarify the reasons for your assessment and the questions you want the assessment to answer.  Common questions include:

  • Are my memory problems normal for my age or a sign of something else?
  • Why can’t I focus?
  • Do I have ADHD?
  • What are my lingering difficulties since my stroke, aneurysm, or head trauma?
  • What is an accurate diagnosis for me?
  • What should my treatment plan be given all the problems I am facing?
  • What can I do to cope better with the resources I have?


How to get started

To get started, call Dr. Alexis Smith-Baumann at (925) 324-1593 for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss whether a neuropsychological assessment would be appropriate for your situation.